Live Tree Tips!

Whitetail fawn visits Holly Berry Hills Farm

Caring for your live cut Christmas Tree

  • Keep the Christmas tree in a bucket of water outside until you are ready to take it indoors.
  • Remove the bottom 1/2 inch from the base of the trunk or score the butt end so new wood is visible.
  • Put your tree in the stand before removing the netting.
  • Keeping your tree cool will increase its longevity, so try not to place it near heat sources.
  • Try and choose a stand that holds water as your tree can drink up to 2 pints of water a day.

Container Grown Christmas Trees

  • You will need to water your pot grown Christmas tree regularly.
  • Place the tree away from direct sources of heat.
  • After Christmas, if you want to plant the tree in the garden, you will need to acclimatise the tree by keeping it in a sheltered place.
  • You will be able to plant the tree before the Spring.