Holly Berry Hills Farm Grown Christmas Trees

Propagating Christmas Trees

Propagating Holly Berry Hills Christmas Trees.

Holly Berry Hills Farm grown Christmas trees start as cuttings from healthy mature trees rooted in small biodegradable cups. Once rooted these small shoots are moved to a grow house which resembles a green house. The grow houses are equipped with sprinklers and also help somewhat to maintain a controlled temperature for the young trees.

Our Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm staff have propagated over 2500 Christmas trees from 2009-2010. As we watch each of these little tree saplings mature in to full beautiful Christmas trees we take pride in knowing our customers will have healthy, strong trees to choose from each year.

Bring your whole family to Holly Berry Hills during pre-tag days and tour Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm from our grow houses to flocking tents. We’re looking forward to a great Christmas!

Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm has the following trees to choose from: Leyland Cypress, Carolina Saphire, Naylor Blue Cypress, Notabilis, and fresh cut Carolina Fraizer Pine.

Holly Berry Hills Farm Is Growing!

Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm is growing! Our trees are growing! We’ve got pretty, “purdy” as we say in Success, Carolina Saphires, Leyland and Naylor Blue Cypress, and Notabilis for folks to choose from this Christmas. Our live Christmas trees are beautiful this year!

Our website is growing! We are just learning how to maintain our website and hope to get better with each coming year. We have hopes and dreams of adding exciting new events to our Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm in the coming years. We want to be South Mississippi’s finest Christmas Tree Farm.

Our excitement is growing! Daily inspections with man’s best friends keep Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm in peak condition! We hope you will visit us this holiday season. Check out our pre-tag days on our website Calendar.